Buy something delicious in Triangeln, and go for a picnic in one of Malmö’s many parks

Folkets park (1)

A short walk through Friisgatan will take you to Folkets Park, which is essential for all children visiting Malmö.

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Pildammsparken (2)

Here you can find everything you’d want to see in your ideal park: beautiful ponds, walking paths through the woods, flower gardens, and playgrounds.

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Kungsparken och Slottsträdgården (3)

This is a little further to walk, but definitely worth it. Kungsparken is one of the most popular walking routes in central Malmö that weaves its way amongst canals and ponds. In Slottsträdgården, which translates to the castle garden, you can enjoy the sights and smell the scents of everything beautiful in the organic gardens while drinking a luxurious coffee. Right next to Kungsparken is Malmö’s city library, a popular stop for children.

Take a break in one of Malmö’s cosy town squares

 Do the kids have endless energy, but you’re longing for some calmer moments? At Davidshallstorg (4), there’s something for everyone with a variety of activities ideal for children, as well as a number of cafes, shops, and restaurants in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, at Möllevångstorget (5) you can unwind with food and drinks from all corners of the world in the many cosy restaurants and bars in the area. Maybe here you’ll even find your favourite falafel, which is a hotly debated topic amongst the residents of Malmö.

Thirsty? The outdoor seating at Lilla Torg is always a hit, and here you can also get a glimpse of Malmö as it was a long, long time ago.

Discover Malmö’s museums

 There are plenty of museums in Malmö within walking distance from Triangeln. Malmö Konsthall (6) is literally a stone’s throw away, and next to Kungsparken are the museums in Malmöhus castle where you can experience everything from the renaissance to a real submarine, and even live animals in the aquarium.

At the Disgusting Food Museum (7) you will find… yes you guessed it… just make sure you have eaten something good before you visit!

Experiences in the area

Just outside Triangeln is the newly opened LOVE Malmö skate park (8), which was built using salvaged material from the legendary, although now defunct, LOVE Park in Philadelphia. You can also take the opportunity to experience the calm inside the impressive and powerful S:t Johannes-kyrkan (8).

Start at Triangeln! 

Triangeln doesn’t just offer everything you can think of – our whole neighborhood has even more for our visitors to experience, and that is exactly why Triangeln is the perfect starting point for a wonderful day in Malmö. See you at our place!